The Different Commercial Locks You Should Know About

The Best Commercial Locks For Your Business

Choosing the best lock for your commercial building can become overwhelming given the number of options available. You will have several factors to consider before you can choose the best choice. However, the bottom-line is that you require a lock type that will offer maximum security while at work and away from work.

This is the reason why we thought we should elaborate on the different lock types available in the market today. In this article, we will feature the four most common commercial locks that you need to know about. Keep reading to find out more information about the options available.

The Free-Standing Padlocks

For a long time, this is the most common type of lock that commercial building owners choose to install on their homes. The unique fact about this lock type called the padlock is that it is the only lock that is not permanently attached to anything. The padlocks are ideally free standing and come in different sizes. These come in two distinct types which include the combination padlock and the keyed padlock.

The combination padlocks come with one or two number dials to open the lock only when correctly entered. Therefore, these have an additional security feature compared to the keyed padlocks. The keyed padlocks only come with the key and offer two alternatives. We have the padlock that retains the key when open and the other one that will release the key when open.

Deadbolt Locks

These are meant to be installed on exterior doors and come in three varieties. We have the single deadbolt, the double and lockable thumb turn deadbolts. The single deadbolt variety is most common in American homes. This uses a key cylinder on the outside and on the inside, and a thumb turn is used. The only challenge with single deadbolts is that if it is accessible through a window, then one can easily gain access to the house.

The double deadbolt uses a key on both the inside and outside. Therefore, this addresses the challenge of the single deadbolt. However, in case of an emergency, you might be in trouble if you misplaced the key. The lockable thumb turn is a hybrid of the single and double deadbolts.

Rim/Mortise Locks

These are locks that are frequently used in commercial doors. The Rim cylinder locks are most common in rim-latches that are mounted on the inside of the door. They come with a long metal piece that extends to the rear of the lock.

Wall Mounted Commercial Locks

As the name suggests, these are locks that are mounted on the wall. The knob box and fireman’s box style locks are found in large commercial buildings. They are usually fitted in emergency exits in the commercial buildings. Also, they act as small safes and boxes for item deposits. The wall mounted locks are installed during the construction although they can also be installed into existing buildings.


These are the common locks that can be used at various points in a commercial building. Remember that before you purchase a lock, what matters most is the security. Also, different locks are used in different places. Therefore, consult a commercial locksmith for advice when it comes to choosing the best locks for commercial buildings.

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