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If you’re looking for quick & dedicated locksmith services, then feast your eyes on the one and only Westlake Village Locksmith. We serve the southern San Fernando Valley neighborhood with quality services such as lock repair, 24/7 car lockout, broken key extraction, and many more.

Our technicians are experts at unlocking any house or vehicle door and will gladly open any lock you are having trouble with. We send our technicians to each job through our dispatch service and will make sure they live just down the block from you so you get the fastest response. The following are some of the benchmark services we carry in our locksmith arsenal.

Fast Automotive Locksmith Services

When you think of a locksmith, you usually think of someone in a small hut-like business grinding away at new keys for their clients. An Automotive Locksmith, however, is a different case.

Also known as a car locksmith, these professionals come to your location to perform emergency-like lock services such as extracting broken keys or opening your car door if you’ve left your keys in the ignition. Gizmo Locksmith hires professionals like these and stays available 24 hours a day to serve as many people as possible. Check to see if any of these services apply to you.

Broken Key Extraction

Car Lockout

Lost Keys Service

Jammed Keys

Transponder Key Programming

Car Key Replacement

Your Emergency Westlake Village Locksmith

Adding to our Automotive Services are our extremely necessary Emergency Locksmith Services. Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. If you are locked out of your home or car or business, it may benefit you to contact a lock and key professional for a fast response that doesn’t leave you guessing. Here are the services you might need in the nick of time.

westlake village locksmith
  • Broken Motorcycle Key
  • Safe Repair/Replacement
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Trunk Lockout
  • 24/7 House Lockout
  • Car Lockout
  • Emergency Apartment Rekeying
  • Broken Lock Repair

Proficient Commercial Locksmith Services

In Westlake Village, you will find many locksmiths who think they know everything about locks. Well, not only is that not true most of the time, but it is dishonest as well and should be frowned upon. A true locksmith doesn’t need to puff himself up to bring people to his business.

Because a true locksmith is respected by the quality of the work he performs for his clients. And that is something we at Westlake Village Locksmith are striving to achieve with every service we undertake. Have a look at our offerings below for the best service that suits your needs.

Our Commercial Services

Lock Repair
Security System Advisement
Smart Lock Installation

Our Commercial Services

CCTV Security Cameras
Access Control System Installation
Door Lock Rekey

We Never Stop Serving You

We at Westlake Village Locksmith never stop serving our clients the best we can. And we hope to do the same for you if you ever require our services. Give Westlake Village Gizmo Locksmith a call today at 1(805) 297-1254 and experience why we are a cut above the rest!