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Different types of Locksmiths

Locksmiths have been around since man had doors to lock and valuables to protect. As time has moved on, so has this skilled profession. Hence, Residential and Commercial Locksmiths have been around for thousands of years. Most people are familiar with these types of locksmiths. They perform similar jobs, but the major difference is the size of the job.

For example, your home might have one door that needs a lock installed as opposed to ten locks that need a master key system. Nowadays, this profession has evolved to other services such as automotive and emergency. Depending on the job, one might call a residential, commercial, automotive, or emergency locksmith.

Residential Locksmith Services in Westlake Village

For Residential Locksmith Services in Westlake Village

Why Should You Call A Professional?

It is important to use a professional locksmith to ensure that the job is performed is done correctly. Your safety is the thing at risk and your protection is what matters. Since most states require that a locksmith be licensed to work, there is that reassurance that it’s been done right.

When looking for a professional service like locksmithing, it is a good idea to do some research beforehand. That way, you’ll be getting the most for your dollar. The prices vary between jobs, and knowing a little about the service you’re inquiring about will give you an upper hand in the price negotiation stage. Many locksmiths charge a flat rate for their services, thus leaving no room for negotiation. Here is a list with a brief description of common Residential Locksmith Services we provide.

House Lockout

When you find yourself without any key to enter your home.

Key Duplication

To make a copy of your original key

Lock Change

To remove old locks and install brand new ones

New Lock Installation

To drill a hole in a door that hasn’t previously had locks on it.

Fix Lock

When any part of the lock is malfunctioning because it is either jammed, loose, broken, stuck, etc.

Key Extraction

When a piece of the key is broken inside of the lock cylinder causing it to jam.


To replace the inner pins of a lock to make a set of locks share a common key.

Safe Installation/ Repair

Installing, opening or repairing your Safe. We do Safe disposal as well.
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