5 Tips on How To Better Protect Your Home

home security westlake village5 Tips on How To Better Protect Your Home

So you may be going overseas soon for that vacation you’ve been saving for for months. The question is, will your home be safe and protected from theft and burglary?

These are questions you need to ask yourself before you head off on your great adventure. Because the last thing you want is to come back to an empty house with no signs of the culprit.

Here are some tips to properly safeguard your home while you’re on holiday.

  1. Check to see if your locks are working

    • In a world where criminals can spy on you using small, hovering RC devices known as ‘Drones’, there’s no telling how safe you are anymore. That’s why it’s important to check your locks around the exterior of your house before you leave. Common areas that criminals target are side doors, windows, back doors, climbable trees, tables and front doors without surveillance cameras.
  2. Don’t post about your trip on social media before you leave

    • Another easy way for criminals to gather information on you is through social media and the ‘things’ you share with everyone on the platform, especially if you post every day. So if you’re going on vacation soon, do yourself a favor and refrain from posting about it publicly. If you do decide to post, however, and you post on say, Facebook, for instance, make sure to switch the post audience from ‘public’ to ‘friends excluding friends of friends’ or make a custom post showing it to only your most trusted friends.
  3. Put away expensive looking items

    • Thieves are masters at preparation and timing, and one of the things they’ll usually do first is watch the house for an extended period of time in order to look for patterns in the family’s behavior or items that interest them. Therefore, if anything expensive-looking is visible from any of your windows facing the street, such as a Flat Screen TV. Be sure to move it somewhere else before you take off.
  4. Set the alarm

    • It’s important to be prepared for anything before leaving your home, including keeping it safe through setting your alarm. It may be obvious, but before leaving your home, make sure to fully turn on your security system. Additionally, check the communications so that the system will alert you if something does happen while you’re away.
  5. Install Motion Sensor Lights

    • One of the best ways to ward off potential burglars at night is by installing none other than motion sensor lights. The simple act of a light turning on when someone walks by it at night can startle even the most hardened criminals and make them think twice about what they’re doing. Therefore, putting these bad boys outside your house will definitely keep you safer in the long run.

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Now you have some ideas as to how you can keep your home safe while you’re on your next vacation. If you need any more assistance or help with your home security, give Gizmo Locksmith a call. We have over ten years of experience in the residential sector and are available 24 hours a day to take your call.

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