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As a homeowner, we want to feel safe and stress free about our homes being invaded. We think that only securing our doors and windows will suffice. Additionally, many of us don’t stop and think about the garage door. It is widely known that this part of a house is the weakest link to your home’s security.

We don’t think of this space because we use it to store unwanted items such as old clothes or simply use it as a storage. That is why it is the easiest way to break into a house.

Burglars roam around your neighborhood to watch out for any homeowners that are somewhat careless and are not watchful when it comes to maintaining their home’s security.

24/7 Lock Installation Support

The good news is there are many manufacturers that provide the type of locks needed to keep your valuables safe. Some of these locks are easy to install yourself, but for those of us that aren’t able to due to age, health problems or simply because we are so busy with our daily lives. We offer services to assist with any type of lock installations.

Here are some tips for current homeowners on how to prevent someone from accessing their home through the garage door.

  1. Never leave your remote inside your car or where it can be seen.
  2. Preferably purchase a key chain remote. That way, you won’t have it laying or hanging around the car where it’s visible.
  3. Add a deadbolt to the garage door to prevent it from being opened easily.
  4. Secure the garage door with a garage door emergency release.
  5. Never leave your garage door open where everything in it is visible.
  6. If you plan on going away, you can add a pad lock to the throw latch to secure the door and prevent anyone from opening it.

There is a variety of locks homeowners can choose from. Here are some types of locks that we offer our customers to keep their homes safe.

  • Automatic Garage door lock
  • Side Door Bolt latch
  • Door Guard Brass
  • Master Locks
  • Universal gate door latches (this helps with keeping trespassers from entering your home in its entirety)
  • Garage door parts stamped deadbolt cylinder
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Electronic locks
  • T-handle locks
  • Locking side latch
  • Keyless digital locks
  • J-arm lock
  • Mortice lock

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my garage door opener work as a lock?

A: Yes, some garage door openers have dual purpose garage locks. Most systems work like regular electronic door locks that will require pass codes or finger print scanning. In addition, you can easily unlock some garage doors nowadays by using your smartphone or a remote control.

Can a garage door lock be customized?

A: Yes, most garage door openers can be customized, and that includes the garage door operator as well. The door lock for the garage may have a pass code entry, a biometric fingerprint entry, a manual key entry, or a combination of both.

Can you use your garage door locks even during a power outage?

A: The garage door lock can be used during a power outage due to it having an emergency manual mode to make sure that it is easy to operate even when there is no power.

Should I rely on the locking mechanism of the garage door if it is an automatic door?

A: As a homeowner, you need to consider the need for security, because most automatic garage doors already protect your garage door with its included garage door lock. However, most garage door locks are not automatic and hence, you should open them manually.

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